Sunday, August 19, 2007

Amazing Ways To Make Money

Today we are shocked after know one of the most important projects recently created. Via our Techcrunch friends we red about MyFootballClub, one killer project to get money and buy an english football club.
MyFootballClub aims to buy a mid-tier English soccer club with an aim of building the club into a future Premier Division side. Members are then said to have “an equal say in team selection, player transfers and the running of the club.”
Maths are simple: contributors become members of the MyFootballClub Trust for £35 ($69). £27.50 goes towards purchasing a soccer club, buying new players and other club expenditure with the remaining £7.50 going towards administration.
As you know, football, in europe, is one of the most important ways to earn cash. Many big international companys and well known millionares use football bussiness to increase their fortunes.
Lots of millions are spent in bying t-shirts and other sport wear. Name clubs, and player image rigths are the best ways to multiplicate income.
Are you going to be an investor in this project? Have you got more similar ideas to get millionare?


weenie said...

Hi there, I'm a MyFootballClub investor but actually, there isn't money to be earned here.

Whilst each member has one 'share', they are actually buying into a non-profit making trust - it's all in the terms and conditions.

So no money to be made here, just the dream of making a small team a great team!

A Million Dollar Girl said...

Hi weenie,

we are happy to read interesting comments ;)
What we think is that, obviosly you, and many others dream of making a small team a great and important team, and this is your main priority. But you know all the money football market is moving today. Players beeing sold and bought. Lots of money earned via merchandising and tons of pounds earned via TV rights.
Maybe you won't make money but mangers...Remember they are getting 7,5 pounds from any investor.
Even in the future, the club, could be sold with a very different price you will buy.
We really think there will be people making a lot of money with this project, belive me.

Regards ;)