Saturday, August 11, 2007

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

Like the great U2 song, you could think that we move in mysterious ways. Yes, while blogging, and other aspects in you life, to be mysterious can improve the interest of a part of your audience. You can play, show some of you and hide the rest. But be careful, don't play in excess. Remember the core of your blog is the content. The rest is a secondary part to improve your style. Don't forget the three most important things: content, content, content.

As you already know we are two women. Maybe you have read us before, as two known bloggers, with two public names. But here, we'll be completely anonymous, no names, no fame.
We have decided to unify our ideas in one simply blog to reach a target, our motiviation is get more than One Million Dollars blogging while we show you how without using our real names.
Will you investigate enough to discover our real identities? ;)

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