Friday, August 10, 2007

Sex, money and the Internet

Today we were wondering about the impact of Internet in the new ways to comunicate with people. But...not only comunicate, well, you
How Internet has changed the way we can have sex with other people. Men and women can seek for a part-time partner only for use and then waste. Have you ever thought that this is very higienic and safety way to have sex with all people you want without having any risk?.
Many people use this method to have personal and sexual relashionships, other do that to make money. Usually cutie girls like
How much money do you think you would make a month making sex via Internet?
Common girls, common guys...are you confident to answer? ;)
Any girl dedicated to this work profesionally? Would you work in the porn industry only to make money?
We both, definitively, yes. But, not by the moment, let's see how much money can we make with this blog this month



Anonymous said...

Whether you are selling sexual content or products or just blogging, it has to be compelling enough for people to pay for it, which takes time and investment, plus a lot of time in front of the camera.

I'm sure the top sex sites generate over $1 mil a month in subscription fees but the "churn" is probably high as well.

The costs of running a good sex site probably aren't cheap, though.

Maybe you can give us a little demo of yourselves ;-)

A Million Dollar Girl said...

Looks like you are an expert in these kind of matters LOL.
My dear,you must sit down and wait before we do your suggestion, anyway, maybe it would be a great time. Not by the moment ;) but, who knows...we will show you our real personality each day...more and more, but quietly.

Kisses! :)
Thanks for comment anonymuos guy!