Saturday, August 18, 2007

About Some Male Chovinists

Hi dears, as we are growing up this blog the ammount of traffic is increasing every day. Somebody says that as much important your site is more spam you will receive. That's exactly what we've been experiencing during these last two days. Our goal is to demonstrate that everybody can build a blog from zero a make tons of dollars. To work hard is obviously one of the secrets. But, why a lot of men consider that they are always better than women? Maybe it's only the prove of their frustation and insignificance. The major part of all comments received from anonymous readers are basically male chovinist. What is there in those men heads? I personally prefer don't answer this question.
Following one of the recommendations of our anonymous and male chovinist readers here you have a little gift, just a trifle. There, male chovinists, will find what their searching and what won't find in this blog. The gift is only for bad guys, the good ones can stay closer to us.
We were expecting something like this, those comment reactions from men that only think that women can show their bodies instead of their valuable talent. Is really so strange for you to find women blogging? I don't think so...trere are a lot of women blogging around the world offering something more than sexual content.
We are considering show you some pictures of us, but don't be waiting for sexual
Don't wait to watch us in provocative lingerie talking to you via webcam, cause it will never happen. This is not the way we are making a million dollars, although we probably could make it much faster ;) lol.

Kisses for the good guys.
Kisses for the bad guys.

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