Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make a Million Dollar Girls Review and Win a 32" LCD Loewe TV

Yes, we are completely crazy!
Here is the start of our contest that will bring to the winner a 32" LCD Loewe TV. You all already know how useful is to get incoming links from other sites. A very useful tip called: "I review you, you review me". This time we offer you more than just a simple backlink.
Here is our offer: everybody who review this blog, talking about our Million Dollar project would enter a contest to get a brand new 32" LCD Loewe TV

Our suggestion is talk in your blog about us as follows:

"The Million Dollar Girls Blog is giving away a brand new 32" LCD Loewe TV with the Million Dollar Contest. To enter, you just have to write about the story of two young women in their amazing adventure to make money and get more than One Million Dollars. Link to the contest post and their blog main domain URL as I did in this sample is all you have to do."

Feel free to add as much or as little information as you want। When you finish the entry, post a comment in our blog, with the URL to the post you wrote, your name, contact e-mail and your postal adress (we will keep information safety and private). Once we confirm the post meets the entry requirements, we’ll print it out and add it to the draw box.

The deadline for entries is December 31st 2007. On January 1st 2008, we’ll draw a name from all entries received and that person will win a brand new 32" LCD Loewe TV. This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (as long as you have a blog). We will even accept entries from non English blog as long as they following the linking rules. Good luck and enter now!

Amazing Ways To Make Money

Today we are shocked after know one of the most important projects recently created. Via our Techcrunch friends we red about MyFootballClub, one killer project to get money and buy an english football club.
MyFootballClub aims to buy a mid-tier English soccer club with an aim of building the club into a future Premier Division side. Members are then said to have “an equal say in team selection, player transfers and the running of the club.”
Maths are simple: contributors become members of the MyFootballClub Trust for £35 ($69). £27.50 goes towards purchasing a soccer club, buying new players and other club expenditure with the remaining £7.50 going towards administration.
As you know, football, in europe, is one of the most important ways to earn cash. Many big international companys and well known millionares use football bussiness to increase their fortunes.
Lots of millions are spent in bying t-shirts and other sport wear. Name clubs, and player image rigths are the best ways to multiplicate income.
Are you going to be an investor in this project? Have you got more similar ideas to get millionare?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

About Some Male Chovinists

Hi dears, as we are growing up this blog the ammount of traffic is increasing every day. Somebody says that as much important your site is more spam you will receive. That's exactly what we've been experiencing during these last two days. Our goal is to demonstrate that everybody can build a blog from zero a make tons of dollars. To work hard is obviously one of the secrets. But, why a lot of men consider that they are always better than women? Maybe it's only the prove of their frustation and insignificance. The major part of all comments received from anonymous readers are basically male chovinist. What is there in those men heads? I personally prefer don't answer this question.
Following one of the recommendations of our anonymous and male chovinist readers here you have a little gift, just a trifle. There, male chovinists, will find what their searching and what won't find in this blog. The gift is only for bad guys, the good ones can stay closer to us.
We were expecting something like this, those comment reactions from men that only think that women can show their bodies instead of their valuable talent. Is really so strange for you to find women blogging? I don't think so...trere are a lot of women blogging around the world offering something more than sexual content.
We are considering show you some pictures of us, but don't be waiting for sexual
Don't wait to watch us in provocative lingerie talking to you via webcam, cause it will never happen. This is not the way we are making a million dollars, although we probably could make it much faster ;) lol.

Kisses for the good guys.
Kisses for the bad guys.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jose Offerman and Jim Florentine

Tip of the day: increase your traffic following Google Trends.
As everybody know our friends of Google are a valuable source of traffic for our sites. If you have a good position in Google you will be lucky. But you must search that good luck by writing content to let Google index it. This way, a helpful tool is using Google Trends to know what people are searching now. Use it and write articles about the search terms on the list top.
This sample is just to demonstrate you that writitng articles with specific keywords will report you many visitors.
This time we have searching and tried with two terms: Jose Offerman and Jim Florentine.
As we said before you must write content about the keywords, this article is only for SEO educational purposes.
For more information about Jim Florentine please follow this link.
If you want to know more about Jose Offerman last news, this is your site.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Incoming links

Incoming links!
This is a very important thing, because to reach TOP 10 in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other major search engines, you have to get as much quality incoming links as you can. What is an incoming link? It is when someone links to your site from his webpage. And when you have more links to your web site, your rank goes up. The better quality of the link is, the better ranking boost your site receives in search results.

How to get such links?
There are many ways to develop a high number of incominig links to your website. reciprocial linking, asking other webmasters for links and linking back to their websites in exchange. It used to be an effective method, but right now search engines discount the value of such links to zero. cross linking, asking other webmasters for link from to your website, and linking back to their website from your OTHER website. A similar method may be used when you have only one website, but your linking partner has 2 or more websites - ask for link to your site from one of his sites, and link back to his OTHER website in exchange. context linking - writing articles with links to your website in the article text (target your keyphrases or keywords!), or sponsoring other articles, that have high Google PR.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website, with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. And when you add a Google search box to your site, AdSense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request.
Monetizing your website traffic is a great way to pay for your hosting and make an additional profit.
Our experience says that you can full your site with many ads from many ads programs but no other gives you more revenue than Google Adsense. To get more than million dollars we decided to use, by the moment, only Google Adsense. We believe to reach an interesting CTR putting one only ad on top of the page. Lets see how it works and how much money it gives to us. This way we'll demonstrate that is better a few ads in determinated positions than full your blog of unwanted ads for your readers. We must provide the best experience of our site to them avoiding too many ads that they really don´t want to read.

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

Like the great U2 song, you could think that we move in mysterious ways. Yes, while blogging, and other aspects in you life, to be mysterious can improve the interest of a part of your audience. You can play, show some of you and hide the rest. But be careful, don't play in excess. Remember the core of your blog is the content. The rest is a secondary part to improve your style. Don't forget the three most important things: content, content, content.

As you already know we are two women. Maybe you have read us before, as two known bloggers, with two public names. But here, we'll be completely anonymous, no names, no fame.
We have decided to unify our ideas in one simply blog to reach a target, our motiviation is get more than One Million Dollars blogging while we show you how without using our real names.
Will you investigate enough to discover our real identities? ;)