Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jose Offerman and Jim Florentine

Tip of the day: increase your traffic following Google Trends.
As everybody know our friends of Google are a valuable source of traffic for our sites. If you have a good position in Google you will be lucky. But you must search that good luck by writing content to let Google index it. This way, a helpful tool is using Google Trends to know what people are searching now. Use it and write articles about the search terms on the list top.
This sample is just to demonstrate you that writitng articles with specific keywords will report you many visitors.
This time we have searching and tried with two terms: Jose Offerman and Jim Florentine.
As we said before you must write content about the keywords, this article is only for SEO educational purposes.
For more information about Jim Florentine please follow this link.
If you want to know more about Jose Offerman last news, this is your site.


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